Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last week, I introduced Jemifus to Mijares, an old Pasadena establishment, that was introduced to me by fellow Pasadenians. Jemifus had just returned from a long business trip. I had just made it through another atrocious week. And it was TGIF. I decided to let loose and deviate from my usual beverage of choice, Diet Coke, and tagged on a Corona light to my order. Our waitress paused and before writing my order, asked to see my ID. I was annoyed that she asked for my ID b/c if I were underage, would I really order a diet coke and a beer? Wouldn't I order like a sex on the beach or something? I hate when people don't exercise logic! But I obliged and received the oddest compliment. Our waitress said "Wow" when she looked at my ID. And since I have high self-esteem, I assume the "Wow" was as in "Woooooow girl, you look damn good for your age!" Note: I haven't been 21 in over 10 years. What was even more delightful was that Jemifus had ordered a margarita before me and our waitress didn't even blink.

And for the record, I began this mostly non-gripey post before Jemifus' unauthorized guest post. That's right...I'm not all gripe, all the time.

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