Monday, December 31, 2007

Fantastically Disgustingly Busy 2007

Having just returned from a week long vacation centered around doing nothing and now being a mere few hours away from the end of '07, I have no choice but to be reflective of what the past year has brought. If I had to sum up the year in one word, it would be BUSY. At times it was crazy ridiculous awesome busy - more of this during the first part of the year. And other times it was crazy ridiculous "no bueno" busy - much of this occurred the later half of the year.

And I know everyone is busy and it sounds so normal to say that things are busy but let me leave you with this work story to illustrate that it really has been a busy year. Every year we have a department holiday (aka Christmas) outing. We were asked to submit ideas for what our event would be this year...ideas were submitted, a list of the top 5 ideas emerged, voting occurred and what did we do, you ask? Absolutely nada. Apparently our VP and Directors decided that we were much too busy to have an outing this year. And lucky for them, our department was given a last-minute charity invite to another group's holiday party, so the VP and directors thought they were off the hook. We were supposed to have known that the other group's party was the replacement for our department's outing...WTF? Anyway, much of my year has gone just like that...

Here's to an UN-BUSY 2008!

I know there's a big camp of folks that think it's better to be busy than not busy. I believe these people have never truly been busy or else they wouldn't say that because that's just ridiculous!