Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boo J. Crew!

Jemifus doesn't understand why I'm so worked up about this. But I'm sure Meddlesome or W can empathize. Who doesn't love the deliciousness that is the J. Crew catalogue? I almost cried with joy at the spectacularness of the issue shot in Paris. Oui Oui!

So imagine my anguish, disappointment and shock when I placed an order that racked up a shipping charge of $15 and did not receive my package. The thing is, a confirmation email was issued promptly to me after I hit the "Order Now" button...kindly reminding me of the exorbitant costs of the items I purchased. Well, a few days later I check JCrew.com and see that my order has shipped. So I patiently wait for my 'final sale' cashmere sweaters to arrive, pretending that I don't see the mailroom delivery guy bypassing my office every day and dropping important looking packages to my colleague next door.

Skip to present day - which is 11 days after my online purchase - I email Jcrew customer service. My first note is very matter-of-fact, merely inquiring for details on the status of my order. The response I receive makes my blood boil. Apparently UPS was unable to deliver because they didn't have a suite number. That is such bullcrap. I can't tell you how much I hate UPS. I'm sure www.UPSsucks.com already exists but if it doesn't, somebody should set that up. But I digress. So the response email also says that I can either write back with my complete shipping address or contact UPS directly. Isn't it interesting that J.Crew can be so conscientious about sending me a confirmation email telling me about all the money I owe them for my purchase but isn't so good about emailing me when there are delivery issues for items I've already paid for?! My next email to Jcrew customer service is as follows:

"Dear Angela (J Crew rep),

My shipping address is: blah blah blah.

Can you please expedite my shipping without charging me extra? I think it is unacceptable that noone contacted me about this. First of all, I work for a company that can locate me in the system with the address provided sans building number. Second of all, what would have happened if I did not contact you? Would you never have delivered my package? Lastly, I order frequently from Jcrew.com. What incentive do I have for continuing to shop online if I can't trust the shipping service?"

So I ask those not named Jemifus, do you think my note was too harsh or a bit melodramatic? I think not!


Wendy Mihm said...

I gotta side with you on this one, V-Train. I've been a fan of J Crew for a zillion years and they have long claimed to be all about customer service. But not contacting you about an issue with your address and then passing the blame to UPS seems like DMV-level service. I'll bet if you took your complaint to a higher level, they'd lob some nice freebies or something at you to make amends. Hey, this sounds like a job for Meddlesome...

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