Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Congratulations Nat da Brat!

To quote your friend Nicole, "Can you believe they gave you a diploma?!" :P

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life is Good...

So why do I complain so much? You know how when you work in a big corporate environment, you get asked a million times a day "How's it going?" or if it's a Monday, "How was your weekend?" I think there was a time when I used to automatically say "Great!" But now I actually sit there and think about the question and my typical answer is "It was alright" or "Okay." But my life is good...I have a great husband, live in a great area and for the most part, am in great health.

Anyway, besides wondering why I am always Miss Glass Half-Empty, I wonder how people who truly have it worse off than me are always so happy and positive. Have you met those people where you don't really know for sure but are guessing they are worse off than you and they always are so dang cheerful and bubbly. How is that possible?

Anyway just some random thoughts to keep my blog active.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"I'm going to take work home with me..."

Why do I always think that I will be able to continue working at home? I always do this...I pack up a bunch of work and my laptop with full optimism EVERY night and every night, the same thing happens. I turn my computer on but then I end up doing things like checking my gmail account, online window shopping, spending countless hours looking at pictures on, etc.

But tonight must be different. Tonight has to be different. I vow I will crank out positioning statements tonight. I'll develop some rockin' positioning for all segments - general market, parents, kids and trade. Woo hoo! Doesn't my job sound fun? Oy...

Monday, May 21, 2007

The HOT DJs of Red Shoe LA

It first started with just me thinking I hired really cute DJs. (Of course I didn't tell AP at the time that that was one of the main factors for why I liked them so much over the ironically self-named Claudette Sexy DJ. I was just lucky that they were also really cool and AP was won over by their competency and non-cheesiness). Then both Meddlesome and my other hip cousin, Nat, meets DJ T and DJ IG and enthusiastically concur they are hot. Of course we are all related so perhaps we have the same taste right? But just today I receive a text from AP in Manila about how his co-worker is in love with DJ IG and speaks of him with massive reverence. And she has only seen pics of DJ IG!!

So I feel it is my duty to share my pics of the dynamic duo of Red Shoe LA with all the ladies out there.


And don't be jealous but here's a pic of Nat cozying up with both of them!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I love Grey's but...

I really hate Rebeccah Pope. She is such a super annoying character. I don't know if it's the character or the actress but I am so happy (fingers crossed) that this is the last episode that I'll have to tolerate her annoyingness.

Please pretty please Alex Karev, do not give Rebeccah Pope any hope! Do not give her a reason to stay at Seattle Grace!

OMG I LOVE GREY'S!!!!!!!!!!! The Rebeccah Pope paragraph above was just mindless thoughts as I was watching the Grey's season finale but OH MY, did it take a turn for a gajillion times better?! Lexi Grey?! WTF! Christina and Burke no longer together?! Thank god, I was starting to think Grey's was losing its edge - between the lame Pope side story, the really obvious analogy in the last episode about not leaving a man behind and then Burke's ridiculously perfectly 'just the right amount of sap' vows. But oh yeah, Grey's totally redeemed itself at the last second!

I'm so in for the 3rd season!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Unbathed Masses* of Reality TV Shows

Sorry Meddlesome...I got caught up with organizing my matte prints from Flickr and didn't pay attention to the time. So I won't have time for a long post tonight. But I do have time to be judgemental. I'm watching Maroon 5 perform "Makes Me Wonder" on the Idol results this new single...note to self - buy song from Itunes tomorrow...okay back to what I was saying...watching Maroon 5 on Idol. Who lets the audience into these shows? The cameraman was panning the audience and in the lower left-hand corner I saw someone doing the move where you have both arms out at a 90 degree angle and kind of wave your body in a squiggly motion left to right, right to left. Your head leads this motion. I know I'm doing a crappy job describing this but it's a very dated move, something you can imagine Kevin James' character in Hitch doing. I mean seriously, WTF? I should be at the darn results show. My Elliot Yamin performed tonight for goodness sakes. Elliott and Adam Levine - doesn't get much better than that!

Although why I'm surprised about the lack of audience screening makes no sense since last summer I did attend a taping of Rockstar Supernova and spent a lot of quality time with an equally unscreened audience baking in the sun for hours. uh oh... I just realized... I was PART of this unscreened audience! OMG, were people watching me on Rockstar saying how ridiculous it was they let someone like me in the audience??? Huh... noooo... not possible right? i mean after all Meddlesome was with me too...

* Btw, I learned the phrase "unbathed masses" in b-school from R Grimaldo. Gotta love RG!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The V-Train is back in the station!

I'm sure you all gave up on me. I sincerely apologize if you have missed reading my posts. I strongly suspect that there is only one person out there that has noticed my absence so I better give a shout-out to her. Meddlesome - where you at!

I recently suffered from temporary insanity. I think that's the explanation because I was abnormally, ridiculously happy. And I thought it was honeymoon glow from a beyond-my-wildest-expectations vacation but usually that glow is immediately gone after the first day back at work, right? Well I was still smiling like a goofball even into week 2 back at work!! But I think I'm finally back to my surly self so I can resume my usual judgemental posts.

Like just right now, as I'm writing this post, Enrique Iglesias is performing on Dancing with the Stars. What's that all about? Who chooses the performers? I mean really, Enrique Iglesias? Dancing is no Idol but come on. What?! His music is kind of tolerable if you don't have to see him. However I happen to be watching him and in HD no less, he is frick-frackin annoying! Everytime he sings the chorus of his song that happens to include some line about "being the one", he points his index finger in the air to indicate the #1. I can't stand when singers do that. It's so literal, obvious and really insulting to the audience, don't you think? And it's SOOOOO much worse when a singer repeats the motion each freakin' time they sing the line. Like when Jordin Sparks (of Idol fame) kept spinning her finger in the air when she sang some song about being crazy in love. Like clockwork, every time she sang the word crazy, she did the finger spinning. Be ORIGINAL people!