Sunday, February 08, 2009

There's no crying in yoga...

But maybe upchucking? I just finished P90X yoga for the first time and when I say finished, I mean that in the loosest terms possible. I got nauseous just watching them do the crane pose (image below for those non-yogis out there).

Maybe eating that Vietnamese sandwich beforehand wasn't such a good idea.

Korean BBQ Tacos!!!!

There's nothing like standing in a Korean Taco Truck line for over an hour with a bunch of hipsters, some shaking what their Momma gave them to Tupac, to make you feel young again!

On a side note, the food was freakin' delicious!!! Korean spicy pork, beef short ribs, tofu and spicy chicken over corn tortillas - who woulda thunk it? They also make some mighty fine breakfast burritos - same filling with eggs, potatoes and cheese added. Yum!

Sorry for the blurry pics - only had my blackberry camera with me.