Thursday, September 18, 2008

Book Review: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

It seems like I may be the last person in Los Angeles to have read this book but what the heck, I'll write a review anyway! Every person I've mentioned this book to has always had positive things to say about Bel Canto. One of my friends called it "a beautifully written book." I find that an odd description as I'm not sure I found it beautifully written, but I did find the story beautifully tragic. And I have a renewed interest in discovering opera. However, given my short attention span and lack of appreciation for fine arts, I'm sure I'll discover that I wish they'd make movies based on operas so I don't have to sit through the opera.


Dave said...

you know what you need more of in your life V? Andrew Lloyd Webber. Make Dre take you to see 'Cats'.

V Train said...

Dave - that's a great idea. How about a 'Cats' double date?

Btw, thanks for not giving up on me. 6 months between blog posts is totally unacceptable and I'll try not to lapse again. However, did you notice that you can now subscribe to my blog (thanks Dre for putting that up - it only took about 10 asks for it to happen!)? But I understand if you want to continue manually checking for the element of surprise! "Will there be a new witty post from The V-train? Oh the suspense feels soooo good!"

Dave Pease said...

V, welcome back. I already have my agents tracking your blog continuously, so I know just about the instant it's updated.

That's just how I roll.